An interview for “Peter Pan” at Moonlight Stage

Today’s interview is with both a cast member and the director of PETER PAN at Moonlight Stage. PETER PAN tells the tale of a young boy who refuses to grow up. Peter is trying to find stories to entertain his friends in Neverland, an island for lost boys. During the show there is adventure, music, pirates, mermaids and more.

The Playbill Collector (TPC): You are playing the role of Peter Pan. What is your favorite moment of the show?
Misty Cotton (MC): The honest truth is I don’t really know yet since we just got into rehearsals. However, when I’ve seen the show, one of my favorite moments is when Peter is trying to save Tinkerbell. He enlists the help of the audience to help him with that. To hear children rooting for Tinkerbell and try to save her is exciting. I have a funny feeling that will be one of my favorite moments.

The Playbill Collector (TPC): I’ve been told you played Smee 20 years ago at Moonlight and now you are directing the production. How does it feel working on a show that you have close ties with?
Steven Glaudini (SG): It’s pretty incredible simply because many of us have a touchstone to it. It’s a show many families introduce their children to. It’s the first show my parents took me to see after Cathy Rigby won an Olympic medal. She then became well known for playing Peter Pan. It’s exciting to have her sets and costumes in our production.

TPC: Misty, have you ever “flown” before? How was that process?
MC: I have flown before. I’ve been rigged up with a harness and flown straight up. This is a different process at such speed. I’m really excited about that. I think this process will be a lot of fun.

TPC: What inspired you in the directing process, Steven?
SG: It’s a special story. It’s 114 years old so there is a reason the show has endured. I’m taking more of a darker approach. In the show there are kids who never want to grow up and instead, live on an island with no parental guidance. Wendy is coming of age and knows she must grow up. She meets the sexy Tiger Lily and both girls like Peter. There are interesting themes that the cast is trying to iron out.

TPC: What is your pre-show ritual?
MC: I don’t really have a ritual. In general, I like to get there early, maybe have a cup of coffee, get situated and think about the show.

TPC: What do you want people to know before walking into the (outdoor) theater?
SG: If you haven’t been to Moonlight, it’s one of the most gorgeous outdoor venues in Southern California. This is not a youth production. It is a profession production with adults and children. We have a 23 piece orchestra along with Broadway sets and costumes. It will be top notch and an incredible night for your family.

TPC: This one’s for both of you. What’s your “happy thought” or “happy place” that you would use to fly.
MC: It would depend on the day but hopefully my happy place will be hearing the children laugh, clap and enjoy the show.
SG: Definitely my family. My wife and dog are my joy and inspiration.

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