Interview with actor, Eric Presnall, of MAMMA MIA

Eric Presnall is currently on tour with MAMMA MIA.  We had a fun phone conversation where we shared our love for travel and adventure.  However, he’s got me beat with seeing 50 states by the end of his tour.  An incredible feat, especially at a young age.
The Playbill Collector (TPC): How did you get introduced to theater?
Eric Presnall (EP): My father is a musician.
TPC: This is your second National Tour, what was your first?
EP: I did the AMERICAN IDIOT tour where I was a swing and the understudy for Tunny.

TPC: What part do you play in MAMMA MIA?
EP: Sky who is Sophie’s fiancé. He’s the good guy who you want to root for.

EricPresnall184 copyTPC: Do you have any pre-show rituals?
EP: A couple cast members and myself do a quick AB/chest workout before the curtain goes up.

TPC: What’s your favorite part of the show?
EP: Working with Chelsea Williams who plays Sophie.  She is such a talented performer.  It’s a pleasure to share the stage with her each night.

TPC: What got you interested in MAMMA MIA?
EP: I auditioned because it’s my moms favorite show.  I actually auditioned in New York City on her birthday.  When I told her what I was doing, she was in tears.

TPC: For those who haven’t seen MAMMA MIA, what should they know going into it?
EP: Don’t worry if you don’t know all the songs (ABBA music) because you’ll have fun no matter what. It’s a blast!
TPC: How long is the tour?
EP: We started in August and end in July.
TPC: What’s the best and worst thing about tour life?
EP: The best thing about tour life is meeting all the different fans of the show or music. The worst thing about tour life is not being able to just cook a meal. Most days I just want to shop and have groceries for a week, unfortunately that’s not the case while on tour.
TPC: What’s your favorite spot you’ve hit this tour?
EP: Austin, Texas. It was so cool and fun. Lots of young people and the crowd was spectacular there. A place I was pleasantly surprised by was Knoxville, Tennessee.
TPC: What’s a show you’d love to be in?
EP: Mark or Roger in RENT.  Fiyero in WICKED.
TPC: What’s next?
EP: This summer, I’m backpacking through Eastern Europe with some of the cast.  I put school on hold for over two years because I was booking things so I’m going to Australia in the fall to finish up my undergrad.  I want to help children, specifically via music and arts therapy.

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