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Jason Maddy is currently playing an apprentice painter in the Tony Award winning production of RED.  San Diego Rep is producing the piece as well as holding events tied to the show including; actor talk backs, a poetry slam, music performances, an art exhibition, meet the artists, and more.


The Playbill Collector (TPC): What got you started in theater?

Jason Maddy (JM): By accident. In high school I played basketball but my asthma started flaring up.  One of my friends introduced me to theater.  Then someone got sick so I took over a role in our high school play.  I also started singing in choir my junior year of high school.

TPC: What was your first show?

JM: “Help I’m Trapped In a High School”

TPC: I read that you did your undergrad in California and then moved to Illinois for your Masters.  Why the change of states?

JM: I grew up in California and went to college here as well.  Then was encouraged to go to grad school to gain more skills.  I did the URTA Auditions.The faculty in Illinois were all working actors and teachers.  I wanted that.

TPC: Do you currently teach as well?

JM: Here and there on the side.  I’m a teaching artist with The Old Globe and La Jolla Playhouse when jobs pop up.

TPC: When did you move to San Diego?

JM: 2007 after grad school.  I started getting some work in North County and then it spread downtown.  Once I started working, I decided to stay.

TPC: You are currently in a two man show called RED at San Diego Rep.  How would you describe your character?

JM: He’s a young artist who hasn’t found his voice yet.  He has a difficult background but he’s a sponge and wants to absorb it all.  There is a teacher student aspect of the play but that’s not what the play is fully about.

TPC: Had you seen the show beforehand?

JM: No, I had not read the script until the audition.

TPC: What are the set and costumes going to look like?

JM: The play is set in 1958.  The costumes will be period based but we are in a paint studio, so working attire.  The set is a big open studio which puts the pressure on the actors.  The show is set over two years.  There will be actual paintings all over the stage.

TPC: What do you want people to know before seeing the show?

JM: They shouldn’t come in with an expectation.  Come in and listen to the story.  Be open to what is going on.  If you do that, you can enjoy it more.

TPC: Do you prefer doing dramatic pieces or musical theater?

JM: There are aspects of both that I enjoy.  If I had to pick one thing, I would do Shakespeare for the rest of my life. There is betrayal, war, love, lust, etc.  what’s more human or relevant than that?

TPC: If given the opportunity to play opposite someone, dead or alive, who would it be?

JM: Orson Welles and John Barrymore. Someone who lived larger than life and created their own legend in doing so.


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