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This past winter I interviewed Allison Spratt Pearce about her role in WHITE CHRISTMAS with San Diego Musical Theatre.  She is currently working on a beloved, classic, musical at Cygnet Theatre.

The Playbill Collector (TPC): What’s your go-to audition song?

Allison Spratt Pearce (ASP): I try to choose songs that are right for the show I am auditioning for, so it changes. But, “Will He Like Me,” from She Loves Me was my go- to for a long time. I still love it!

TPC: What play or musical do you relate to the most?

ASP:I think I have related to every character I play in some way. I think of the roles I would love to play forever. In musicals: Sondheim, R& H, Guettel and the roles of Sally Bowles, Dot, and Eliza. For plays: Shakespeare, Shaw, Williams or Rebeck and the roles of Viola and Miss Julie.

TPC: MY FAIR LADY opens at the Cygnet Theatre on March 5th.  For people who don’t know the musical, what should they expect?

ASP: To see a story about a young woman who is searching for a better life. She happens to meet two men who in language, class, education, and  love change her life and in turn, theirs.


TPC: What’s the process been like for creating the character of Eliza?

ASP:  There is such a huge arch and journey she goes through to learn who she really is. The process has been extremely satisfying from an actors prospective. We are still early in rehearsals and just started on scenes today. From research, dialect work, text and table work and above all collaboration, she is really coming alive for me.

TPC: What’s your favorite moment of the show?

ASP: I have two. One: The Rain in Spain, when she GETS it. Two: After the ball. When she is dashed back into reality and what’s to become of her now.

TPC: How large is the cast?

ASP: It’s a magnificent cast of 10.

TPC: What’s the set design like?

ASP: Andrew Hull designed a very picturesque and monotone set. Sweeping lines matched with iron and wood. It helps centralize the story within the text and actors on stage.

TPC: What’s your favorite costume to wear?

ASP: The Costumes are being created now from our wonderful costumer, Jeanne Reith. But there might be a possibility of using my wedding dress (1930’s style) for Eliza’s ball gown! I guess that would be pretty special.

TPC: Any plans after this?  

ASP: Getting back to putting my daughter to sleep and date nights! Also, to enjoy the end of the semester at USD where I teach.

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