Interview with actress, Ashley Tamar Davis of MOTOWN

tourcast-davisThe Playbill Collector (TPC) : What part do you play in MOTOWN?

Ashley Tamar Davis (ATD): Esther Gordy, Stevie Wonders mother Lula, Gladys Knight, Gladys Horton, Diana Ross u/s.


TPC: What was your audition song for this show?

ATD: “Listen” by Beyoncé


TPC: What’s your favorite moment in the show?

ATD: My favorite moment in the show is when I’m arguing with Berry Gordy about making his move to Los Angeles from Detroit. The scene is so dear to me because it reminds me of my parents relationship with me. I can remember countless times that I’ve changed my mind about my career decisions because of my ever-so changing mind. The audience finds the scene so hysterical because Esther reminds Junior that no matter how big he gets, he will always be our little brother.


TPC: What should audience members expect coming in?

ATD: The audience will cry, laugh and dance. They will be reminded of the time in which Motown sub-consciously merged all races together through music. Sometimes people will be reminded of this era that they will begin to feel sad because of how we treated each other then and how it is still prevalent today.


TPC: What’s the first musical you ever saw?

ATD: “Ragtime” in Washington, DC in 1998. But my first Broadway show was “Motown, the Musical” in 2013.


TPC: What’s your favorite musical?

ATD: “Motown, the Musical”


TPC: What show and/or actor do you want to win a Tony Award this year?

ATD: Brandi, hands down


TPC: What’s been your favorite city on this tour and why?

ATD: Omaha. Omaha has the best vintage shops in the world. And their restaurants downtown are locally sourced businesses.


TPC: When you aren’t on stage, what do you enjoy doing?

ATD: I enjoy recording and hanging with family. I enjoy vintage shopping and seeing what the city has to offer.


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