Interview with actress, Rosina Reynolds

Rosina Reynolds is currently working on two shows at the Cygnet Theatre in San Diego.
The Playbill Collector (TPC): What got you interested in theater?
Rosinda Reynolds (RR): It’s hard to recall a specific moment, I was performing by the time I was six when I played  the Firebird. I performed my own comedy sketches throughout school.
TPC: What is the first show you ever saw?
RR: “My Fair Lady” with Julie Andrews in London.


TPC: Is this your first Cygnet show?
RR: No, I’ve done The Glass Menagerie, Noises Off at the Old Town space, and when Sean was in his previous space , Arcadia, Little Foxes….and at NCRT when Sean was Artistic Director…Copenhagen, The Rivals….I have a long history with Sean.


TPC: What’s role(s) are you currently playing?
RR: Judith Bliss in “Hayfever” and Florence Lancaster in “The Vortex”.
TPC: Is there anything you want to audience to know going into the show(s)?
RR: Not to expect that Coward always writes comedies….”The Vortex” challenges all perceptions of Coward.


TPC: What are your pre and post show rituals?
RR: I have none, other than nap sometime in the afternoon before a show.


TPC: What’s your favorite backstage snack?
RR: Very dark chocolate and lots of water.


TPC: If given the opportunity to act along anyone dead or alive for one night. Who would you pick and what show would it be?
RR: Maggie Smith, we would both be very young and it would be “Fallen Angels” by Noel Coward.


For information on the show’s at Cygnet, check out:
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