Interview with actress, Tricia Tanguy

Tricia Tanguy is currently in the National Tour of JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT, a show she has done several times.  This fun loving, family friendly show is a great piece of theater that you don’t want to miss!  It heads to San Diego June 24-29th.Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 8.17.16 AM


The Playbill Collector (TPC): How did you get your start in theater?

Tricia Tanguy (TT): I sang my first solo onstage when I was in Kindergarden! The very first musical I ever did was at the age of 8 when I played ‘Molly’ in ANNIE. I went on to play ‘Annie’ in ANNIE and then in the sequel “Annie Warbucks” as well, and I knew from there that I was hooked 🙂


TPC: You have been in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR a few times playing different roles. What are some of your favorite memories of past experiences in the show?

TT: Each and every JOSEPH experience has been so unique and special to me. The first time I did the show was at the age of 12, when the National Tour (starring Sam Harris) came through my hometown of Cleveland, OH and I was apart of the Kid’s Chorus. After meeting the cast of that tour, I decided right then and there that this was the profession I wanted to pursue. In 2009, I played the Narrator on a JOSEPH tour and got to have local kids in the Chorus in each city we visited. So at that time, the experience seemed to have come full circle. In Nov./Dec. 2010 and then again in Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012, I was the ‘Narrator’ in a regional production of JOSEPH in Cleveland, which was really special in the sense that I got to be back in Cleveland in the show! I won the 2012 Broadway World Cleveland Award for Best Leading in a Musical – Equity for that, which was very special to me. And to bring this JOSEPH experience even more full circle, that same stage where I performed and was inspired by JOSEPH when I was 12 is also where we opened this current tour! (The Palace Theatre in Cleveland). I couldn’t feel more grateful for how near and dear to my heart this show has been, every step of the way.


TPC: What role are you playing in this tour?

TT: I am in the Female Ensemble, as Jacob’s Wife in Act One, and as an Advisor to the Pharaoh in Act Two. I also understudy the Narrator (played by the wonderful Diana Degarmo!)


TPC: This show is a family friendly show. What has the reaction from kids been?

TT: When kids come to the show, I am so thrilled when I see how excited and inspired they are by it. They really have a wonderful time, and many times I see that same sparkle in their eyes that I had when I experienced the show for the first time. Because of the way in which the show has been reimagined, designed, choreographed, etc., I find that it is even more tangible and exciting than ever before! Upon meeting them, many will ask how I got my start, etc. and I am excited and thrilled to share those stories with them. It really is up to us to inspire and encourage the next generation of performers, and I am always happy and honored to do that!


TPC: Since the songs are very catchy, do you tend to get them stuck in your head? You must have all those colors running through your mind constantly!

TT: Because I learned the show at such a young and poignant time in my life, I am so thankful to say that those coat colors have stuck with me!! There’s a really clever episode of Family Guy where the Joseph coat colors are sung in it, and we passed that video around the cast as a fun and helpful learning tool 🙂 But yes, the music is catchy and we tend to get parts of the show playing in our minds on repeat at times!


TPC: What are the costumes like for the show?

TT: The color scheme is bright and playful, without being too distracting from the overall look and design of the show. The Second Act is a distinct visual difference from the First Act, with a gold, teal, and black color palate to accentuate the regality of Egypt. The “all white” megamix that some people may remember from previous productions is apart of this one as well. To me, the most fascinating and beautiful costume piece is Joseph’s coat, which was inspired by the Chagall stained glass windows. It is stunning! Costume designer, Jennifer Caprio (who went to my alma mater of Ithaca College as well!) did a fantastic job of creating a beautiful, yet functional world for all of us.


TPC: What are some takeaway themes from the show?

TT: To me, the Prologue is the catalyst for the theme of the show that then expands and develops. The Narrator says right away at the beginning of the show, “If you think it, want it, dream it, then it’s real. You are what you feel.” To me, no dream is to big or too small and life is too precious to not go after the things that fuel your passions. Whatever it is that makes you happiest, you owe it to yourself to take the risk, take the leap, and work hard to make your dreams a reality. Also, this show emphasizes the true beauty and importance of love, forgiveness, and family.


TPC: If you could be on stage with any actor, dead or alive, who would it be?

TT: Wow, this is the toughest question yet! I honestly have to say that I have been very blessed thus far to have worked with some really remarkable people that have impressed and inspired me, and have also been a blast to share the stage with. But I guess if I had to pick just one person who is on my bucket list, I would have to say Meryl Streep. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I look like her, so I would be thrilled to play her daughter! (wink wink!)


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