Interview with Assistant House Manager, John Ricca

John Ricca is a theater enthusiast! We met this winter in New York City and had a blast chatting about various shows. We both share a love for AIDA and have strong opinions on what we think works and doesn’t work for theater; although we don’t always agree on what those things are. John is a sweet, outgoing, charming guy and he is someone you want to witness win the lotto at a show because I can tell you first hand, he screams and gets excited. Isn’t that the way we should be at the theater? Thrilled!


The Playbill Collector (TPC): How did you get involved in the theater world?

John Ricca (JR): In high school I wanted to do stage crew.  The first show I saw was SUNSET BOULEVARD on Broadway.  Then I knew I wanted to perform and be in the theater world.  I started performing and did some commercials in New Jersey.  In 1999 I did an Off-Broadway review.

TPC: Where are you working now and what’s your position?

JR: Mayo Performing Arts Center (MPAC) in New Jersey.  I’m the Assistant House Manager there.  The theater holds 1,300 people and I make sure everything is in place for the nights performance. We musicals, concerts, comedy shows and more that use our space.  The patrons are number one in my opinion.


TPC: What’s your ideal job?

JR: I’d like to work in New York City and be an assistant in an agents office or to someone.


John rTPC: How many times a week do you see head into New York to see a show?

JR: I go to a show as much as twice a week, or when my schedule permits me.  I love seeing new shows!

TPC: What do you think are the best shows on Broadway right now?



TPC: Who are your favorite actors?

JR: I’ve looked up to Ewan McGregor.  Natasha Richardson was one of my favorites but she passed away.  She was natural and always great.  Patti Lupone and Heather Headly.


TPC: If you could work on one show what would it be?

JR: JEKYLL AND HYDE.  My dream is to direct a production of that show because I have seen over 104 times.


TPC: Who is your favorite playwright?

JR: Edward Albee.

TPC: If you are in the mood to just belt out some show tunes, what are your “go-to” choices?

JR: The music from AIDA and JEKYLL and HYDE.

TPC: What is the worst show you have seen?

JR: I will never forget it.  THOU SHALT NOT.  It was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on a Broadway stage.  It had a clothes line ballet.  I laughed throughout the entire show.

TPC: How many shows do you think you have seen?

JR: I have four boxes of Playbills.  There have been so many!

Catch John in the lobby after a show sometime!

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