Interview with author, Robert Blumenfeld

Robert Blumenfeld is an actor, writer and dialect coach.  He has recorded more than 350 audiobooks and has acted in many regional and Off-Broadway shows.


The Playbill Collector (TPC): What is your background in dialect coaching?”

Robert Blumenfeld (RB): I studied French as an undergraduate at Rutgers where I also studied German and Italian and got into accents and dialects there.  I continued my French studies in grad school at Columbia, and took courses in phonetics and teaching French, including the accent. When I got into professional acting, I also started coaching accents. And I have taught accents at professional studios, and done private and production coaching.  I use lots of accents in my various audiobook recordings.


TPC: When was your first book released?

RB: In 1998 I released “Accents: A Manual for Actors”.


TPC: What was the main reason for writing your newest book “Teach Yourself Accents: Europe“?

RB: The book is for a new generation of actors.  I wanted to provide something that has an easy method to follow.


TPC: Who is your target audience?

RB: Younger actors but the series is equally useful to seasoned professional actors and amateurs.


TPC: What makes this book different?

RB: It has accurate linguistic information and an easy way to follow the accents.  It lays out what steps to take, what to listen to and so forth.  Everything is quite clear.  Also, I recorded all of the accents in the book.  This book is the third book in my series “Teach Yourself Accents”.


TPC: What’s next?

RB:  I have written twelve books on acting and theater, and I wrote a book on how to perform comedy so that’s next as far as I’m concerned.  I’d love to have that published.


TPC: Do you do any acting or coaching?

RB: I have done lots of private and production coaching, including Broadway shows—The Scarlet Pimpernel; Saturday Night Fever—and I’ve done work with opera in New York City.  The Manhattan School of Music did  “Street Scene” a few years back.  For that show, 40 accents were required so I worked with the company on those.  As for acting, I do lots of audiobooks—“Acting with the Voice”, which, by the way, is the title of one of my books.


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