Interview with Broadway Bullet

Broadway Bullet originated in 2006 as the official podcast of the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF). Their focus is interview podcasts with Broadway people as well as rising stars. They went on a hiatus for a while but are about to re-launch in August 2015.
The Playbill Collector (TPC): What was your first introduction to theater?
Broadway Bullet (BB): Tryouts for OLIVER when I was 11. It was a fun production with lots of kids. Then in high school I got more into it.
TPC: After high school, did you go college for theater?
BB: At first I started with a business degree but then switched. For work, I go between music, writing, composition and theater.
TPC: How did the podcast start?
BB: We wrote the show “Next Big Hit” when Apple came up out with podcasts and we got some investors. It took off and was at the right time. Plus, our studio was in the heart of Times Square which was helpful.
TPC: How did you get the interviews?
BB: They almost always came to me. We always had people come to the studio. We wanted to create a show that the theater fan who was in college (not in NYC) wanted to listen to. That way they could feel connected outside of the city.
TPC: Who was your favorite person to interview?
BB: Ahrens and Flaherty because they are some of my favorite composers.
TPC: What is the next step?
BB: I’m a Professor at the University of Great Falls and now I am doing the interviews from a cabaret bar in New York City. My goal is to get 20-25 new interviews and spread them out over the next year. This time I want to have the podcast as an educational resource.
Take a look at the old episodes here and be on the look out for upcoming podcasts here: 
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