Interview with choreographer, Michael Mizerany about dance show, HOT GUYS DANCING

Michael Mizerany is working on a new project that opens this January at the Diversionary Theatre called “Hot Guys Dancing”.


The Playbill Collector (TPC): How did the concept for this come about?

Michael Mizerany (MM): Diversionary Theatre loves dance.  They had a series called “dance/theater” where choreographers were hired to create work inspired by previously produced plays and musicals at Diversionary.  The one challenge they had with the series was that it was not well attend and lost money.  After seeing a very well-attended and critically lauded production of Malashock/RAW which I produced, John Alexander (Executive Director of Diversionary at the time) wanted to discuss any ideas I may had to make dance more profitable for them.


TPC: Who is your target audience?

MM: Diversionary’s primary demographic is gay males so I had the idea of doing an all male contemporary dance concert which eventually became “Hot Guys Dancing”.  Currently, we are in our third year.  The first year we sold out all three nights. The second year we went to five nights and it sold out again.  This year we are moving it to two weekends.


MM interviewTPC: What type of dance show is it?

MM: Provocative, contemporary, energetic and daring dance.


TPC: How many men are in the cast?

MM: Twelve male dancers and five choreographers (2 male, 4 female)


TPC: What’s the outline of the show?

MM: Each choreographer brings between 10-12 minutes.  In traditional dance concerts, there is a usually a break between each piece.  In “Hot Guys Dancing”, I create segues so the transitions between each piece are seamless.


TPC: How long is the show?

MM: The show runs approximately one hour.


TPC: What’s new this year?

MM: It’s usually a contemporary show but we have added a hip hop fusion piece. Also, I’m bringing in Kevin Williamson from Los Angeles.


TPC: Do you have live music, a band or recordings?

MM: So far it has always been recordings but the range of styles are varied.


TPC: How big is the space?

MM: The theatre can fit up to 106 patrons.


TPC: Who is this show for?

MM: This show is geared toward adults and contains profanity, sexual situations and partial male nudity.  It’s cutting edge and will push boundaries.


TPC: What are the dates for “Hot Guys Dancing”?

MM: January 2-11th.  Thursdays-Sundays.


For more information, check out Diversionary Theatre:


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