Interview with Shea, star of “Shea: Prince of Christmas”

“Shea: Prince of Christmas” is a holiday show now playing at the St. Luke’s Theatre now through December 27th.  Shea takes audiences on a Christmas musical journey as he performs some classical tunes such as “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” “Blue Christmas,” “The Christmas Song”.  He also does modern favorites like “All I Want for Christmas is You,” “Last Christmas” and many more.  In addition, Shea takes audiences to different parts of the world and explains how other countries around the globe celebrate the holidays.


The Playbill Collector (TPC): What got you interested in doing a Christmas show?

Shea (S): I started composing original Christmas music in 2009. I wanted to spread Christmas joy and spirit to the world. I didn’t want the joy to last in our hearts only during the holidays, but throughout the entire year.


TPC: How did you pick the songs you plan to perform?

S: We took a list from Merry Christmas network’s top 100 Christmas songs of all time and then members from the network helped us chose. I also have three originals in the show which are, “A Christmas Love Affair,” “Christmas Blues,” and “Christmas Time In The City.”


TPC: In 2012, you released a holiday album entitled “Every Day’s Christmas”.  Will you be singing any songs from that in the show?

S: Yes, three songs from that album are in the show- “Christmas Love Affair,” “Blue Christmas,” and “Last Christmas.”


Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 7.23.10 AMTPC: How many people are in the cast and what roles do they play?

S: I have a four piece rhythm section, a two piece horn section, a lead female role, and two dancers.


TPC: How did you pick which places to “travel” to?

S: There is a scene in the show that me and the female lead (Princess) go back and reminisce about the good times. It’s a Christmas in Jamaica!  We also travel to the Caribbean. Princess and I have a disagreement and I go to Latin America with a bachata version of “Last Christmas.”


TPC: What’s your favorite part of being in New York during the holidays?

S: I love the energy in the city! Being in Bryant Park with the Christmas music, all the tourists from around the world that are here to visit- it’s a good feeling.


TPC: What is your favorite holiday treat?

S: Cinnamon rolls!


TPC: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

S: My new ones are starting to develop, but my old one is when my family would put on a home concert and jam session. We would get our PA system and all the family. It was mostly Christmas music, but not always.


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