Interview with co-writer and director of LOST THE MUSICAL, Steven Brandon

Steven Brandon is a writer based out of Los Angeles.  He worked as a PA on a Kohan/Mutchnik pilot, the Kelsey Grammer sitcom Hank, and Disney XDs Pair of Kings. In 2010, Steven and his writing partner sold a single camera comedy pilot titled Single Girl Theory to ABC Family and in 2012 they were staffed on the CBS sitcom Friend Me, starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Steven also co-created a variety of web series including Miles & Ben, Nerd Patrol, TV Talk Tonight, and What If? which can all be found at: Currently Steven continues to develop television during the day while hosting weekly Trivia and Karaoke at night and is very excited to get back to his musical theatre roots.

The Playbill Collector (TPC): You are living in Los Angeles but have an accent that tells me you aren’t from the west coast.  Where are you originally from and how did you get your start in theater?

Steven Brandon (SB): I’m from Sydney, Australia and began my career in theater there.  I started a company called “Canned Laughter” where we did four shows a year for three years.  My dream was to become a sitcom writer though and Australia wasn’t the best for that.  I grew up on “Seinfeld”, “Frasier” and other American shows.  One year I won the green card lottery and was able to move to Los Angeles!  I’ve been here writing ever since.  unnamed

TPC: How did “WE HAVE TO GO BACK: LOST THE MUSICAL” get started?

SB: My friend Steven Christopher Parker is a “Lost” fanatic.  So am I.  He asked me to write this show with him.  He is the producer and wrote the book.  I’m directing and wrote the lyrics.  Everyone loves mashups these days.  We are taking something (“Lost”) they enjoy and putting a twist on it.  

TPC: Why now?

SB: September marks the 10 year anniversary of the show.  We take 121 hours of television and turn it into a two hour musical.  We went to the “Lost” wikipedia page which helped us write the story.  

TPC: How did you come up with music for the show?  

SB: We parody popular songs.  For example. the opening number is set to “American Pie”.   In a sense, it’s the Weird Al version.  


TPC: What’s the theater like where you are performing?

SB: We are at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood.  It’s a 99-seat black box.  We have a beach backdrop and a jungle backdrop to portray the scenery.  When patrons walk into the theater, they are greeted like you would be to take a flight.  In a sense, you are boarding a plane on Oceanic Airlines.


TPC: How large is the cast?

SB: 17 people play 72 characters.  


TPC: What are the costumes like?

SB: Since we have so many actors that play various parts, we have to portray them differently so there are lots of wigs and quick changes.  A cool aspect is that Blacksparrow Auctions is sponsoring the show and will be providing us with some props from the actual TV show while others are created by our team. Blacksparrow Auctions has partnered with Cancer Gets Lost and are holding a special charity auction event featuring original props, costumes, autographs and other incredible memorabilia from “Lost”.  5% of our ticket sales are being donated  to:


TPC: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

SB: A funny thing about me is I have been on many game shows.  You can see me on “Wipeout”, “Baggage”, “Excused” and most recently, “Dating Naked”!


For more information on the show, check out: – Tickets are on sale at:


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