Big Fish at Moonlight Stage

BIG FISH is a musical that revolves around the relationship between a father and son. The dad, Edward Bloom, is a traveling salesman and his adult son, Will, is looking for what is behind his father’s tall stories. The show started as a book, adapted into a movie and finally, turned into a musical.

The opening sequence including the “Alabama Stomp” was thoroughly entertaining. Edward Bloom, played by Josh Adamson was incredibly versatile. He made the character seem like a breeze which is clearly not the case since he had to play many ages. He won me over with his acting chops and made me forget that I was not a fan of his character in last seasons, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Another noteworthy voice was that of the witch played by Shirley Johnston. She had a strong, clear voice which was welcomed.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 6.13.52 PM

I’m not one for the use of projections (on almost all occasions) and I believe this show did not need them. The set was good enough. While Will (played by Patrick Cummings) was singing “Stranger”, I was distracted by the image on Central Park and leaves falling. His voice was gorgeous and I couldn’t full engage because that was distracting me.

For me, the show would have been better if it was a play with a few songs. Instead of enhancing the show, many times, the songs broke it up; and not in a good way. There were shining moments and I liked it. However, it wasn’t something I’d go see over and over again.

BIG FISH is the final show this season at Moonlight. For upcoming shows, check out their website:

Rating: That Is the Question

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