“Even good people can make bad choices to get what they want.” – Aslan

On Sunday afternoon my cousins Grace (11) and Lyla (10) and I went to see “Narnia”, a musical based on the classic story “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” written by C.S. Lewis.  It is also a movie and one I grew up watching with my brother and sister.  I was very excited to see the musical and it did not disappoint.  This new production was put on by Youth Performance Company at the Howard Conn Fine Arts Center which is located inside the Plymouth Congregational Church.

The show opens with Lucy stepping out of the wardrobe and wandering into the land of Narnia.  She had been playing hide and seek with her siblings Susan, Edmund, and Peter and stumbles into this new world.  Her first encounter is with a faun named Tumnus.  The faun explains to her that Narnia used to be beautiful but the white witch is ruling over the land and makes it cold, winter, and never Christmas.  The witch has told all the Narnians to turn in any human children.  At first the faun was going to but then he realizes he can’t because Lucy is so sweet.  He hurries Lucy back to safety and when he leaves her he is captured by the witch’s minions and turned into stone.  Lucy is so excited to show her siblings the land of Narnia and the faun Tumnus but when they all return he is gone.  The four siblings set out on a journey and meet other Narnians on the way including two beavers who help them.  Their goal is to get to king, Aslan who is the lion and the deliverer of Narnia.  There are road blocks along the way, including Edmund betraying his siblings and following the white witch.  However, in the end good conquers evil and Narnia is restored to its beautiful land once again.

“Narnia” is a wonderful children’s story because it teaches lessons that are vital for kids.  The four siblings argue and bicker but in the end they forgive and love each other.  Aslan is the good character and he restores peace to the land which has been ruled by an evil witch for many years.  This teaches kids the difference between good and evil.  We also see that Edmund makes bad choices but learns in the end that he was wrong.  Aslan at one point says “Even good people can make bad choices to get what they want” when referring to Edmund.  This is true for all of us.  The good thing is, Edmund realizes his wrong doing and is granted forgiveness.  

Mary Berthelsen who played the white witch was Lyla and my favorite character.  After the show we talked with her and she said she had just graduated high school and was taking a year off before pursuing a theater degree.  She was an incredible actress and singer.  She did a wonderful job portraying a cruel, hard hearted witch.  Her facial expressions, tone, and demeanor were perfect for the role.  Grace’s favorite character was Aslan played by Shawn Chromey-Daniels.  She liked his voice a lot and thought he sounded great.  All three of us agreed that the beavers were good as well.  They had thick Minnesota accents which made it funny and got the audience to laugh.

The costumes and makeup were spectacular!  Each character looked its part.  The four kids were dressed in English clothing which helped make them look like they were stepping out of World War II  England in the 1940’s.  The animals had painted faces, accessories such as wings, and looked like the creature they were supposed to be.  There was also good distinction between the good animals (Narnians) and the evil creatures (the witch’s minions).

For anyone who enjoys a good show put on by youth, this is a wonderful choice!  It is a nice holiday show for the whole family.  It will entertain and open the imagination of kids and adults alike.  For more information check out Youth Performance Company:

November 30th-December 18th
1 hr and 20 minutes without intermission
Website: http://youthperformanceco.org/
Ticket info: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/912570
Event info: https://www.facebook.com/events/403964066339207/

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