Everyone loves a matchmaker (or do they)?

“Hello, Dolly.  Well Hello, Dolly.  It’s so nice to have you back where you belong.”  Didn’t that just put a smile on your face and start you humming?  Although I had never seen a stage version of “Hello, Dolly” I’d seen the movie and knew the main song.  Most people know the song or at least the tune.  Lyric Arts of Anoka is hosting this family friendly show through March 17th and I am thankful I was able to attend.

Dolly is a cheeky, scheming woman who is always putting her nose in other people’s business, in a sweet way of course.  She tries to play matchmaker with couples and at the same time is looking for a suitor for herself.  The show takes place in the 1890s.  The set reminded me of Easter time.  Baby blue, lime green, yellow and pink filled the stage.  The women wore long dresses, bonnets, gloves, and had pretty up-do’s.  The men wore top hats and slacks.  The large cast of over thirty people looked prim and proper and the ensemble numbers were my favorite.

This show is happy and leaves you feeling joyful.  The innocent boys go for the cute girls, the rich, stiff man softens his heart and the community members are cheerful and bubbly.  You could bring your young kids and your grandparents to this show and everyone would walk out smiling.  It’s just a feel-good musical.

“Hello, Dolly” is running one more week so make sure to see it while you can.  For ticket information visit their website: http://www.lyricarts.org/

*Special thanks to Ceanna who plays Ermengarde and her mom Kathy for asking to meet me after the show.  Ceanna is pictured above with myself and my friend Sheri.  

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