First Date at the Longacre Theatre

FIRST_DATE_RETOUCHED_DUO-2resize2 (1)FIRST DATE is a 90 minute, new musical, about a guy and a girl whose friends set them up on a blind date.  They meet at a bar and quickly hit all the hot button topics of politics and religion, to exes, family dynamics and much much more.

Screen actor, Zachary Levi, whose credits include “Chuck” and “Thor” plays Aaron.  He is nerdy but charming and does a superb job with his role.  His dancing and singing number “In Love With You” was so adorable, all the ladies in the audience were swooning.  Krysta Rodriguez, most known for her role on the TV series SMASH, plays Casey.  Her song “Safer” was lovely.  However, the rest of the show I had a hard time connecting with her.  She seemed bored as if she was reading the lines in her apartment.  No pizazz.  The rest of the cast was comprised of two men and two women who played a slew of parts.  The most fun one was the gay, best friend played by Kristoffer Cusick, who sang the “Bailout Song” because let’s admit it, almost all of us have had friends call to bail us out of bad dates.

The show plays at the Longacre Theatre which is a large venue for this piece.  It’s always nice to see an original show on Broadway, however, this musical seems to be more suited for a small space Off-Broadway.  Young girls and fans of Zachary Levi may be thrilled to see it but that won’t fill the large house.  Content draws people in but there isn’t enough here to stand out among other big musicals competing for audience dollars.  For more information check out:

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2 Responses to First Date at the Longacre Theatre

  1. Dear PBC –

    To say that I love a play about blind people going on a first date is an understatement. I just gotta SEE this.


    Charles (don’t expect me to always be poloticaly correct) In Charge

  2. I agree about your point on Krysta. My first thought was she was taking her character from Adams Family and working with that….She did seem bland tired not in the mood….

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