For better or worse

We’re in it for life til death.  Through riches and strife til death.  To have and to hold til we’re wrinkled and old.  For better or worse if I don’t kill you first.”

Theater for the Thirsty is a traveling theater company.  They perform at theaters, churches, and conferences. Their current production of ‘“Til Death: A Marriage Musical” was hosted at the Open Window Theater.  I recently saw “Around the World in 80 Days” there and found the space to be intimate and quaint.  It served as a great setting for this production as well.  The set was minimal: a couch, bed, chairs, table, and bathroom area.  The costumes were every day clothes and there were hardly any props.  It gave the production a stripped down, raw look.

The show has four characters, two married couples who are also real life married couples.  Jeremiah and Vanessa Gamble play a couple who have been married 14 years and are coming up on their 15 year anniversary.  They are separated and both end up going to the same cabin for the weekend.  While they are there a newly married couple played again by a real life married couple, Nathan and Stephanie Cousins arrive.  They are on their honeymoon and both couples are challenged and start to truly learn what marriage is about.

“‘Til Death: A Marriage Musical” is an original show.  The songs fit in to the production very well.  It was a thought provoking piece that both married and single people can learn from.  Vanessa sang a song “The person that you marry isn’t the person you stay married to.  You think you found the perfect mate, just wait, they change.”  In an ever evolving world people change.  It may be a gradual or a swift change but it is said “the only certainty in life is uncertainty.”  Problems add up as well.  Another tune went “The little things make all the difference.  The little things add up and up and up.”  Little things can be good and/or bad.  In a marriage or any relationship you must take time to evaluate the little things.

Jeremiah and Vanessa do a great job portraying the hardships of married life.  People change, things get in the way, problems arise, and sometimes issues are not brought to the surface.  Communication is key and they were struggling with it.  That was partly what led them to where they were in their broken marriage.  Nathan and Stephanie Cousins were the opposite.  Since they were just married they were bubbly and excited.  They felt like they were soul mates.  They sang a cute duet “We’re the perfect match.  He’s my H2, she’s my O.  He’s my water, she’s my tang.”  

The show was very thought provoking and deep.  It allowed the audience to examine their relationships and think about what they believe marriage is.  Do you take the person for who they are yesterday, today, and forever?  Are you willing to work through issues?  Do you hide things or lie?  Is divorce an option?  All great questions to ask ourselves as well.  

“‘Til Death” has closed at the Open Window Theatre.  However, they have many upcoming shows.  Take a look at their website for further details:

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