“Godspell” at the Star Theatre in Oceanside, CA

url-1The Star Theatre in Oceanside, CA is a community theater that produces multiple shows a year.  It is the same theatre that hosts Coast Kids Theatre.  My siblings and I grew up performing there from elementary school through high school.  Needless to say, I have many memories from those years.  This weekend was my first time being for some time and a few friends joined me to see “Godspell”.

The show loosely chronicles the Gospel of Matthew.  The cast re-creates the parables in the Bible and brings them up to date with pop culture.  “Godspell” has some very hummable tunes with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked and Pippin).

Community theater is a wonderful thing.  It allows children and adults to express themselves artistically outside of school and work.  The cast of “Godspell” seemed to genuinely enjoy the production and had passion for the show.  They all blended well together vocally and creatively as a group.

This show is well suited for families.  It is upbeat, humorous, colorful, and fun.  At the same time life lessons can be learned and there are some calm, tender sides.  The set was very minimal which allowed the cast to create stories for the audience to watch.  It is also a very interactive show where the cast walked into the audience and called members in the audience onstage to play games and dance.

“Godspell” runs through February 24th at the Star Theatre in Oceanside.  For further details take a look at their website:

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