How the spirit of Christmas can change anyone’s heart, even you-know-whos!

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a familiar story to many.  The Grinch is a hairy, green, and mean character.  He does not like the Who people or the fact that they love everything about Christmas.  They sing and are full of joy.  He decides he wants to rob them of that and steal Christmas.

The Children’s Theatre production of “The Grinch” is designed for families to be entertained and that it did.  I loved hearing the kids in the audience chat with their parents during the show and ask questions.  They wondered why the Grinch was so mean, why the Whos were so happy, they giggled at lines, and clapped when everyone was singing and dancing.  The fact that the show is 75 minutes helped to keep their attention as well.

The Grinch played by Reed Sigmund was perfect for the role.  He played it much the same as Jim Carey did in the movie.  He was cheeky and made all the kids in the audience laugh.  Brandon Brooks played young Max and did a good job with the role of the dog.  He used his body to bounce around the stage and was very limber.  Dan Beckmann who played J.P. Who (the dad) had a beautiful singing voice.  It caught me totally off guard that his voice was so phenomenal.  The ensemble did a great job singing together and making the show happy and enjoyable for all.

The costumes designed by David Kay Michelsen were bright and fun.  The Whos were all different colors and were appealing to the eye.  The Grinch was dressed in all green including his face which was painted green.  The music director, Denise Prosek, did a wonderful job.  She is a staple in Minneapolis theater and it was nice to see her in the pit.

If you are looking for a fun, family friendly show I would recommend going to see “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.  It is playing now through December 30th.  For more information contact the Children’s Theatre:


Phone: 612 874 0400

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