Kiss Me, Kate at The Old Globe

“Kiss Me, Kate” is currently playing at The Old Globe in Balboa Park now through August 9th. The musical involves the production of William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” and the conflict of off and on-stage between Lilli Vanessi and Fred Graham. With music and lyrics by Cole Porter, it is a wild and funny show.

Although Megan Sikora’s character Lois, had a bit of high pitched tone (that at times was trying), she was a standout. Her limber body was incredible and her dance moves were superb. She glowed on stage. Mike McGowan who played Fred had a rich, strong voice. He was a perfect leading man. The real excitement though was the ensemble. They carried the show. They were fun and bubbly with musical numbers that were colorful and charming. Costume design by Fabio Toblini rounded out the play which made the characters come to life. At times I felt there were crude joke choices that could have been left out. However, the audience seemed to enjoy the humor. They were a ball of laughs during the show.

This musical is great for people who enjoy plays and musicals. You get a little of both wrapped into one. For more information check out:
Rating: That Is The Question
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