Lift at the Beautiful Soup Theater

Eight strangers get in a LIFT (hence the name of the show) at the Covent Garden tube station.  The play journeys through one minute of each character’s imagination and exposes deep secrets that may be impossible to reveal in real time.  The show is a cluster of disasters and truthfully, it made absolutely no sense to me. It seemed to be a hodgepodge of random moments and ultimately all I could continue to ask myself was “what is happening?” and “what’s the point?”  Two questions you do not want to be wrapped up in.

7525303When performing a musical, you must cast actors who can sing and harmonize together.  This was not the case for LIFT.  There were no strong voices and most of the harmonies were far from blended.  The show takes place in London and accents were all over the board.  Some started fine and then turned to Irish or back to American English.

The two best parts of the night were the space itself and the band led by Will Shuler.  The small black box theater was quaint and intimate.  Every seat in the house was a good one.  The band was placed in the walkway and I was more intrigued to watch the graceful keyboard playing then follow the action on stage.

Sorry to say, this show was not a hit.  The characters were confusing and there was way too much happening all at once.  Issues abound in this piece.  Instead of focusing on all of them, I will leave you with this; I’m always eager to see a company try new things and I encourage them to continue to do so.  Beautiful Soup Theater took a chance on a play from the UK and for me, it didn’t work.  Others may disagree and I welcome their input.  If you have seen the show and have an opinion please comment below.  For more information visit:

Rating: Not To Be

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