McGoldrick’s Thread at St. Mark’s Theatre

If you enjoy Irish dancing and a story with heart, this show is for you.  “McGoldrick’s Thread” takes place in the Bronx in 1995.  Magee is preparing for a big dance competition and has grown out of her dress.  Her family of six is poor, barely scraping by, and a new costume seems near impossible.  Will she get a dress in time to dance?  You will have to go to the show to see.

This new musical is a great family-friendly piece.  Although the play mostly surrounds a dance competition, the brothers and father are enthusiastic about soccer and express their love of the sport many times.  Their song “Stew at Six” was a highlight of the the show.  Magee played by Casey Murray was young and innocent.  She had a sweet voice and could dance very well.  Garrett Coleman, who played Eddie Callahan, was the best dancer in the bunch.  He glowed on stage and was a joy to watch.  Seeing all the kids dance together was such a treat.  They were all different ages and all looked like they were in their element.  The crowd roared with applause after big dance numbers and really enjoyed themselves.

The show is playing now through September 29th at St. Mark’s Theatre in the East Village.  Seating is limited so buy your tickets now.  It is a show that will leave you smiling and wishing you could dance a reel. For more information click here:


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