“Newsies” at the San Diego Civic Theatre

“Now is the time to seize the day!” NEWSIES is a Disney Theatrical Productions musical based on the 1992 film. It was inspired by the real-life Newsboys Strike of 1899 in New York City. Jack Kelly, a rebellious newsboy, has dreams of a life as an artist away from the big apple. After Joseph Pulitzer, a publishing giant, raises newspaper prices at the newsboys’ expense, Kelly and his fellow newsies decide to take action.

The catchy songs by Alan Menken and Jack Feldman are fun and uplifting. Show stopping numbers such as “King of New York” and “Seize the Day” were audience favorites. Let me just say, you know a show is going to be great when the audience is clapping at the overture. The San Diego crowd was excited throughout the show. They cheered, oohed, aahed, and hissed. When you can capture an audience and get them to interact with the players, you have hit the jackpot.

Joey Barreiro, who played Jack Kelly, was a perfect blend of charming and rough around the edges. His voice was lovely and his accent was spot on. Note: lots of young girls may develop crushes! All of the newsies danced incredibly together. There were two standouts though. First, Nico DeJesus who played Romeo. His moves looked effortless and trust me, those moves have got to be incredible difficult! Jordan Samuels, who played Specs, was not only a good dancer but was equally talented at gymnastics. Both guys stood out a bit from the crowd without drawing too much attention away from the pack.

NEWSIES is a show I would suggest for people who love dance, good music and fun. Let’s hope that’s everyone! The show is playing through the week at the San Diego Civic Theatre. For more information visit: http://broadwaysd.com/newsies.htm

Rating: To Be

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  1. Thanks for the timely review. I’ve recommended this to a friend who’s a retired union official from Minneapolis (and has a grand daughter who’s playing lead roles in theater). He lives in Phoenix. I see the show is playing in nearby Tempe, AZ, June 14 – 19.

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