Nothing succeeds like success

It’s incredible that a show that opened on Broadway in 1961 could be so relevant in 2012.  “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” is a catchy name for a show and a good hook to get audiences attention. Frank Loesser wrote music and lyrics that translates over years.  “Coffee break” is something almost everyone can relate to.  Nowadays the first thing people do when they wake up is get caffeine in their system.  You can’t help but smile and chuckle when the cast is falling over due to lack of coffee.  “Brotherhood of Man” is a rousing singing and dancing number.  It makes you want to join during the chorus.  The female and male chorus numbers were harmonized well.  When the entire cast sang the finale it sounded great.

J. Pierrepont Finch is a window washer who is an aspiring businessman.  He wants to move up the company ladder the easiest way possible and chooses to do so by acquiring a business book and starting in the mail room of a large company.  At first it seems easy enough to move up the ladder, however, bumps do occur.  He also finds himself a love interest, Rosemary, that is interwoven throughout the show as well.

The costumes were perfect for the play.  Stephanie Guidera who played Rosemary looked the part.  She had period piece dresses, hair, and accessories  Her lovely smile and blond hair made for a girl Finch was sure to fall for.  The men looked good in their suits as well.  In the 60’s business men always wore suits and it is something we have lost more touch with these days in the more casual work environment.

There were two standouts in the show.  Kali Kotz was a perfect Hedy LaRue.  Her acting was spot on.  She was flirty, sexy, and played a great ditsy mistress.  Andre Shoals who played Bud Frump was a great character actor as well.  His tone changes mid-sentence, facial expressions, and engagement with the other characters set him apart.

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