October Sky at The Old Globe

OCTOBER SKY is a new musical that has just launched at The Old Globe in Balboa Park. What a beautiful piece it is! The show takes place in Coalwood, West Virginia from 1957-1959. Every man in the town works in the coal mine but for the high schooler, Homer Hickman, he dreams of more. After the launch of Sputnik in 1957, Homer decides to enlist his friends into making a rocket despite his father’s urging him against it. OCTOBER SKY gives hope for dreamers who turn their dreams into reality.

Kyle Selig who played Homer Hickman was fantastic. His clear voice was perfect for the role and he was an amazing leader. Miss Riley played by Sandra DeNise had an angelic voice which drew the audience in. All of the songs by Michael Mahler were catchy and smart. There were many genres of music playing throughout which allowed the audience different flavors. One of my favorite songs was “Moonshine”, where the band played on stage and the boys got to dance.

OCTOBER SKY is playing now through October 23rd. I’d suggest you get tickets fast because this show is sure to be a hit!

Rating: To Be

*I’ll be writing a more full review of summer shows at The Old Globe for The Clairemont Times

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