One singular sensation

As I was getting ready to attend, “A Chorus Line” I found it only fitting to embrace the scene and wear a tutu.  Walking into the black box theater, I found the set intimate and fitting for the show.  The band was situated to the side.  Although I have never seen, “A Chorus Line” done in a black box, I was excited by the use of space and the sound they created.

“A Chorus Line” opened on Broadway in 1975.  The show received 12 Tony Award nominations and won nine.  It was directed and choreographed by Michael Bennett, the music was composed by Marvin Hamlisch, and Edward Kleban wrote the lyrics.  The show takes place on a bare stage with nineteen characters.  It is a raw show that cuts to the emotions of the dancers who are auditioning for a musical.  The director asks them intimate questions about their lives and why they chose to become dancers.

In this production he band accompanied the cast very well.  The opening, “I hope I get it” was a fun number.  Seeing the cast dance and sing right off the bat was a great way to start the show.  “At the ballet” was a beautiful number.  The emotions the characters evoked were touching and I felt a connection to what they were singing.  When the cast sang, “One singular sensation every little step she takes”, I thought,  what woman would not want that song sung about her?  Taking bows to that song were perfect.  It pulled everything together.  Starting and ending the show with a dance and song was a brilliant move.

Many of the characters and songs stood out.  Sheila played by Elizabeth Gjertson was sassy and perfectly cast.  She was believable and acted very well.  When she sang it came from the heart and she did a great job.  Cassie played by Katie Taintor danced beautifully.  During, “Music and the Mirror” I got teary eyed.  She was completely in her element when she danced.  Her movement was fluid and she was a natural.  You could not help but feel happy for her because it was apparent she was doing what she loves to do.  Kristine played by Lexi Duffy was ditsy and quirky which is exactly what the character calls for.  Her interpretation of, “Sing” was right on par.  “What I did for love” is a beautiful song.  The lyrics tug on your heart and when the entire cast sang together it sounded superb.

This show was done very well and I enjoyed my experience.  Placing it in a black box helped the audience connect with the characters.  Keeping the set simple was great as well because it caused you to focus on the characters instead of other objects on stage.  I would highly recommend seeing this show.  The music is beautiful and the different stories the actors tell are interesting to hear.  It revelas a clear story of what it must be like to be an actor and the hardships of the grueling audition process.  This production was worth watching.  It was well done and entertaining.  In my opinion, they kicked it out the ball park!

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