“Pippin” on Broadway

photo-08The craziest thing happened to me on Wednesday night.  I hopped off the airplane with bags in tow and headed straight to Times Square in search of a show to see that night.  When I arrived at the “Pippin” box office I was told the cheapest seats were $60 but if the show was sold out I could get a $27 standing room only ticket.  For a girl who planned to see multiple shows, that lower amount was sounding really good.  The problem was, I needed to wait a few hours and ditch my bag somewhere.  I did both and when I arrived at the box office for the third time (yes, three times, I am a theater junkie) I ran into a friend from elementary school who just so happened to work for a local advertising company and had two comp tickets.  Her friend she was going to bring offered me the ticket because he had extra work to get done that night.  You can only imagine how ecstatic I was.

photo-collage-01“Pippin” is a young man’s journey to find his “corner of the sky”.  He wants to live an extraordinary life and is in search of it.  Patina Miller was absolutely stunning as the leading player.  In the original Broadway cast, Ben Vereen played the part so I was a bit nervous to see how it would translate to have a woman in the role.  She was so captivating that it allowed me to banish thoughts of him.  Her black, form fitting costumes made me want to go to the gym more.  Plus her dance moves were to die for.  That girl can high kick like nobody’s business!  Matthew James Thomas who played “Pippin” was a great actor.  He acted young and playful which is exactly what the role calls for.  Plus, his high notes were pleasant to the ear.  Two of my other favorites in the show were Pippin’s dad and grandma.  They both were funny, witty and charming.

The set was wonderful and was put together like a circus tent.  The ensemble did multiple acrobatic tricks which were incredible.  Some were nail biting, edge of your seat stunts where others were a spectacle of wonderment.  The music by Stephen Schwartz is so beautiful.  Listening to the cast sing them live brought me to tears.  He is a great composer and I appreciate his lyrics especially in “Magic to Do”, “Corner of the Sky” and “Simple Joys”.

photo-02“Pippin” brought out a mix of emotions for me and I believe that is good theater.  I was in awe and would see it again if given the chance.  This is a show that I would love to see do a Broadway tour and stop in Minneapolis, here’s to hoping!  If you are in New York City, go see it.  For information check out the Music Box Theatre’s website: http://www.pippinthemusical.com/

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