Quilters at Lambs Players

QUILTERS is a musical based on six women who settled in the American West.  The story unfolds by way of short vignettes.  The women are accompanied by a five piece bluegrass band.

381The set and costumes were period friendly.  All women wore boots, dresses and had their hair down in curls.  Most of the set was broken up by patches of a quilt to explain a certain time of their lives.  By the end, we learned about over 15 “blocks”.  The wood chairs, trunks and stools were plain but useful.  Instead of an overbearing set, I appreciated the simplicity of it which allowed the audience to focus on the women and story.

Since it was a communal show, everyone was highlighted.  They all seemed to be having a good time together.  My favorite actress of the bunch was Caitie Grady.  Her demeanor and tone of voice were great.  She was also easily understood with her different accents.

This show is still running until May 4th, get your tickets here: http://www.lambsplayers.org/

Rating: That Is The Question

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