Spamalot at Moonlight Amphitheatre

If you are a Monty Python fan, you must see SPAMALOT at Moonlight Amphitheatre!  This cheeky comedy is sure to make your belly hurt from laughing.  SPAMALOT tells of King Arthur and his knights of the round table.  They head out on a quest for the holy grail and encounter many funny characters and objects along the way.


Moonlight does a fantastic job with this production.  The fact that their summer season is outside, under the stars is a huge plus.  The musical numbers in SPAMALOT are all silly and witty.  There truly is something for everyone in the show; great tap dance numbers, lots of comedy, and songs about a wide range of topics.  If you are a theater nerd, there are moments that are slipped in for your enjoyment as well; though they may go over the heads of others.

SPAMALOT is playing now through the 28th.  Get your tickets here:

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