The Abominables at The Children’s Theater Company

The Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota produces fun and exciting work. THE ABOMINABLES was commissioned, developed and originally produced through Children’s Theatre Company’s Threshold new play development lab. With music and lyrics by the late Michael Friedman, choreography by Joe Chvala and directed by the playwright, Steve Cosson.

My dad and I attended the show on a Sunday night. It was filled with kids and their parents. Here are three fun things about this new work:

1. Minnesota references: Since the show is about hockey in Minnesota, it was fun to hear references and the audience engaging. In the show they used phrases such as, “Minnesota nice” and “you betcha”. They also had a joke about Edina. There were many moments where the kids and parents giggled because of the familiarity.
2. Hockey, hockey and more hockey: Mitch Munson played by Henry Constable was trying out for the A team and was very disappointed when he found out there was someone new trying out who may take his spot. The show revolves around hockey which every Minnesotan can relate to. If you don’t play, you know someone who does. I for one have a lot of family members who are hockey enthusiasts and until recently I even sported my Minnesota Wild phone case.
3. The set: Andrew Boyce created an incredible set. There was a hockey locker room and the rest of the stage was set up like a rink. During the show there were pieces that moved in and out such as bleachers, a kitchen and bedroom.

Although this was not one of my favorite productions, the kids really enjoyed it and that’s what matters! It’s always exciting to experience new plays so I applaud the Children’s Theatre Company for stepping out of the box and trying something new.

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Rating: That Is the Question

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  1. As the father that attended, I can say without a doubt that children of all ages will enjoy this production. Talented kids, great script and a beautiful theatre make for a wonderful time.

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