The Hunchback of Notre Dame at La Jolla Playhouse

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Of course a week after I wrote “If I had to pick my top 8 shows lately…“, I attend THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME at La Jolla Playhouse which blew the lid off! It should be noted that my mom and I attended Innovation night.  When we showed up, we walked into an elegant area where there were hors d’oeuvres, mingling and stunning decorations.  It kicked the whole evening off with style.

During most shows I vigorously write notes. However, during THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, I was so captivated I didn’t want to miss a moment.  Nothing was lacking from this masterpiece. The unique thing about La Jolla Playhouse is they do everything in house. From the set design, costumes, lighting and sound.

When the choral ensemble stepped on stage for the opening piece, I had chills. When the bells lowered from the ceiling, I was in complete awe.  It only went uphill from there.  A few months ago I had the privilege of interviewing Michael Arden about directing the Deaf West production of SPRING AWAKENING. The day after my interview, announced he would be playing Quasimodo. Although I had seen videos of him, I was not prepared for the brilliance he portrayed on stage. His take on the “monster” was captivating and lovable.  With his clear tone and pitch perfect notes, I could listen to him sing for days.  Patrick Page was absolutely phenomenal.  His rich, deep, powerful voice was magnificent.  The congregation was utilized as the narrators of the story.  They led us to new places, scenes and played multiple parts including Quasimodo’s friends, the gargoyles.  Let’s just say it’s safe to assume that I adored the entire cast.

It isn’t often that a show keeps me up at night but this one did in the best way possible.  As my tweet after the show stated “My review of #hunchbackofnotredame is pretty much ‘stop what you are doing. Buy a ticket or you are a fool.’ Mic drop. No but seriously…”

Rating: To Be
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  1. So wish I hadn’t lost my program from this production. It was truly breathtaking, and I’m heartbroken to have lost that only memory I could keep of it.

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