The Little Mermaid at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

The classic Disney fairytale, THE LITTLE MERMAID, comes to life at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. Ariel (the little mermaid) wants to be apart of the human world. When her father, King Triton, forbids her to go to the surface, she rebels and goes to see her aunt Ursula. Ursula makes a deal with Ariel to allow her the life she wants but deals always come with a price.
Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 1.48.33 PMCaroline Innerbichler plays Ariel. She was sweet, innocent, nimble on her feet and captivating. Kersten Rodau who plays Ursula is one of my favorite local actresses. She never skips a beat and is a true musical theater perfectionist. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it and let me tell you, she has it! Her stage presence as the evil aunt is haunting. Her vocal range is exceptional and always pitch perfect. The ensemble meshed well together. Their colorful, bright costumes and portrayal of sea creatures was fun. Be prepared for them to surround your table. This show is not only set on stage but comes to you.
The music in the show has many numbers that you will recognize from the movie such as “Part of Your World”, “Under the Sea”, “Kiss the Girl” and more. However, there are many new tunes as well. The songs are playful and exciting for kids and parents alike.
THE LITTLE MERMAID runs now through August 30th. For more information check out:

Rating: To Be

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