The Ordway was alive with the sound of music!

Most would agree that the Sound of Music is one of the most beloved musicals ever written.  And now, instead of being hushed in the theatre, the Ordway gave it’s full permission to sing a long with Julie and her brood of wild kids.  Is it really possible to keep silent during such familiar and peppy songs such as “Do Re Me” and “My favorite things” anyway?  And the opportunity to join Julie in yodeling through “high on the hill lives a lonely goater” sticks with you for days.

I brought my friend, Jack with me to the sound of music sing-a-long, knowing that there was a good chance he would wear his lederhosen (which he did) and knowing that he wouldn’t hold back his enthusiasm for the night.  I wore the white dress with blue sash so that I could feel 16 again.  The spirit of the night brought costumes of nuns, goats, copper kettles, and even costumes  of music notes.  There were prizes for best costumes as well.

The Ordway did an impecable job with packing the house.  Walking into the theater, you were given a goodie bag.  In the bag were ways to interact with the movie.  For example, a popper was given to be popped when Captain Von Trapp and Maria kissed.  We were instructed to all pop them when their lips touched and it was a huge success!

It was encouraged to interact with the movie, and that we did!  The movie was filled with singing, laughing, shouting at the screen, and making comical comments.  My vote is have more of these events.  People love to sing-a-long and the Ordway is a beautiful venue for it.  In my opinion, I think some classics that people would enjoy are : Grease, The Wizard of Oz, and West Side Story.

Thank you Ordway for providing a memorable night of good clean fun!

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