The Wizard of Oz at Moonlight

3Every summer Moonlight Stage Productions in Vista, CA does a series of musical theater shows under the stars.  It is a treat to sit outside and watch live theater.  On Friday night, my friends and I sat in the lawn and watched “The Wizard of Oz.”  It is a story we all grew up with and is filled with hummable tunes and memorable lines.

“The Wizard of Oz” is a classic story about a girl who is transported from her drab surroundings in Kansas, to a new, bright city.  She meets friends along the way as she travels the “yellow brick road”.  Of course, there are hurdles, including her biggest one, how to defeat the Wicked Witch and get back home.  
It was apparent that Carlin Castellano who played Dorothy was trained because her choices were very precise and “by the book”.  She had a sweet voice but I would have liked more oomph from her.  The Scarecrow, Stephen Petrovich, was my favorite.  His flimsy moves resembled “gumby” and his facial expressions were top notch.  I’m a sucker for a man who can tap so it was fun to see the charming dance number Carson Twitchell (Tin Man) did.  Randall Dodge who played the Cowardly Lion was the comic relief of the show.  “When he cracked a joke then you chortled for days.”  Danette Holland who played the evil villain Miss Gultch and The Wicked Witch did a great job at being mean.  Plus, her cackle was dead on.  The ensemble worked well together.  The children who played munchkins were absolutely adorable!  Although they were off beat a bit, it didn’t matter because they were charming.  You couldn’t help but smile and “awe”.  
Moonlight did a fabulous job with their costumes for this show.  Glinda’s pink dress was puffy, sparkly and every little girls dream costume.  When Dorothy and her friends entered Oz, the people there wore all green with accessories to match.   There was lots of extra flair added to this production as well.  During the tornado scene, projections were displayed so the audience could understand what was taking place.  There were also flying monkeys, broomsticks, sparks and smoke.  
Although “The Wizard of Oz” has closed, there are still a few shows left this season.  Up next, “Young Frankenstein” runs August 21- September 7th.  For additional information contact the theater:




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