Titanic at Westchester Broadway Theatre

TITANIC, the musical, opened on Broadway in 1997 and won the Tony Award that year for Best Musical.  The show takes place on the ocean liner which sank on April 15, 1912.  The show includes a large cast of characters ranging from the passengers from the different classes, crew and staff aboard.  Unlike the hit movie by James Cameron which focused primarily on one love story, this musical gives a glimpse into multiple vignettes.


Since we all know that the storyline is a sad one, it was to be expected that the score and book would have some melancholy tunes.  However, it seemed that there was little joy in the show.  At one point in the first act there was a transition from the church scene to dancing around the ship within a blink of an eye.  It was a happy number but confusing and awkward.

Instead of focusing on one or two people, the musical had a slew of characters.  That can be exciting, however, for this show it was distracting.  There was nobody you wanted to root for or have an emotional connection with.  The person I cared most about was Kate McGowan played by Sarah Charles because she was spunky and charming.

All in all, I felt the show was bland and not memorable.  Too bad because I had high hopes for it.  Westchester Broadway Theatre is an experience in and of itself.  The dinner theater vibe is an efficient way to eat, be entertained and have a fun night with friends.  More information on the theater here: http://broadwaytheatre.com/

Rating: That Is The Question


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