A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Titan Theatre Company

1234493_594970147212064_144576130_nShakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM is a middle school english class must-read.  It is a play where we find four young lovers, a Fairy King and Queen and other silly characters who go for a romp in the forest.  Director Lenny Banovez of the Titan Theatre Company has chosen to take a classic piece of work and transform it into a creative and imaginative adventure.

A cast of nine characters play sixteen roles.  The only pre-cast role was Puck played by Matthew Foster.  Every other character was drawn out of a hat by audience members.  As you can imagine, that means that every single person has to know every line of the show as well as the blocking.  Insane!  Before walking into the play one has to think, this will either be a disaster or an incredible experience.  I’m happy to report, it was a triumph!

Each cast member started in black pants, black shoes, a white shirt and pulled back hair.  This gave a clean slate look and once their roles were called, they added bits of costumes to their ensemble.  For the women’s roles, they wore long skirts over their pants and had scarves tied tight around their necks.  The men wore nice shirts, jackets and button up vests.  The role of Bottom, sported overalls and donkey ears.  On the night I attended (opening), Sean Hudock played Bottom.  His vocal inflection, different dimensions and ease in the role were spectacular.  Alexis Black who played Lysander and Flute did an incredible job of playing the lover and embodied the male roles well.  The choices the actors made with their different parts were a sight to see, in the best way possible.  There was never a minute where I was bored.  It was truly the most entertained I have been while watching a Shakespeare play, aside from Alan Cumming in the Scottish play.

The Titan Theatre Company took a big risk with this show and I’m glad they did.  The audience was completely involved via laughter and applause.  This is a must-see.  Get your tickets here: titantheatrecompany.com

Ranking: To Be

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