All at once a BUMP – and then- a cat in a hat appears

“The Cat in the Hat” is a new play based on the famous children’s story by Dr. Seuss.  The play was originally produced by the National Theatre of Great Britain and is now making its American Premiere at the Children’s Theatre of Minneapolis.  The cast is strong and perfect for re-telling this beloved story in a new way.   

There are six characters in the story: Cat, Girl, Boy, Fish, Thing 1, and Thing 2.  The story opens with the boy (Douglas Neithercott)  and girl (Elise Langer) at home on a rainy day with nothing to do.  Strange as it may seem, the fish (Gerald Drake) acts as their babysitter while their mom is gone.  The kids mope around feeling bored and restless.  Then all at once there is a bump and the cat in the hat appears.  He wants to play games with the kids and introduces Thing 1 and Thing 2.  They create a big mess and the kids and fish are upset.  They don’t want their mother to come home and be mad at them when she sees the disaster that has been created.

Imagination is a key element to the show.  There are not many lines so gestures and facial expressions make up most of the story.  Each of the actors did a great job with this.  They used five colors on the set and costumes: baby blue and pink, red, black, and white which allowed it to pop.  There are black sharpie lines on the costumes and set as well that make it look like the characters have leapt out of a story book.  It was a delight to the eye.  Thing 1 (Elaine Patterson) and Thing 2 (Noah Crandell) were dressed in red onesies.  They had blue crazy hair and blue tongues just like the characters from the book.  Both of them were rambunctious and wild.  The cat (Dean Holt) had a fun costume as well and was very silly.  At one point he stood on a ball with multiple props on his hat, tail, foot, and hands.  The kids in the audience loved it.  They giggled throughout the show.  

This is a show that is perfect for young kids and their families.  It is a story that many children are familiar with so it is entertaining to see a stage version of it.  The run time is just under an hour without an intermission.  That helps to keep their attention.  Plus, once the show is over you can take pictures with the cast.  So fun for little kids!  For further details:


Children’s Theatre Company

September 25-December 2nd

Phone (612) 874-0400



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