Be A Good Little Widow at The Wild Project

Be A Good Little Widow”, a play by Bekah Brunstetter, is now being performed at The Wild Project, in the East Village.  The space itself is absolutely adorable, with a quaint entrance and minimal seating.  It’s very intimate which gives the audience a closer look into the house.

Melody is a young woman who is married to a successful lawyer.  They have a home in the suburbs close to her disapproving mother-in-law, Hope.  When a sudden death occurs, can Hope teach Melody to be a good little widow or will everything fall apart?

Aamira Welthy who played Melody was paired up with Matt Bittner who played her husband, Craig.  He was a cute cuddly bear type but despite their frequent kisses and hugs, was it believable that they loved each other?  Not really.  The most exciting character was Brad played by Robbie Tann. Although it seemed the audience was supposed to be against him, he was compelling and we found ourselves rooting for him.  The poem that he wrote for Craig was touching.  In fact, there were a few speeches that different characters gave that showcased the playwright’s talent.  Melody’s monologue about her husband and the final scene are a few that come to mind.

The set was very minimal.  There was a small stucco house that was lit up.  Pictures lined the walls and a rocking chair sat in a corner.  However, nobody ever went in it.  All the action took place on the main stage; all black and modern looking.

This show was relatable to the times and concerns of the modern day.  The show has several scenes that were very moving.  Was it a hit?  No but it was worth seeing.  For more information take a look at their website:

*A few weeks prior to the show, I did an interview with co-producers and actresses Chris Holliday who played Hope and Aamira Welthy who played Melody.  You can read that here:

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