Bike America by the Ma-Yi Theatre Company

BIKE AMERICA is a play about a girl on a quest to find a new life.  She is stuck in a box she created for herself in Boston and decides to take an adventure with a group of bikers across America.  Although they are biking under the umbrella of cancer awareness, everyone has their own special reason for taking the journey.

The concept was awesome.  Everyone used the front tire and handle bars of bikes and pretended to ride them.  They sported the right clothes, were safe and used helmets and trotted as if they were really riding outdoors.  The lead, Penny, played by Jessica DiGiovanni was the only one who ever rode an actual bike.  Although that was set up to ride stationary.  The pictures that slid across the stage helped us know which city we were in.

If you are going to swear, give it meaning and purpose.  The use of foul language was so over the top in the show, it distracted the audience from the story.  The first thirty minutes had so many f bombs, it took all of me not to walk out.  After talking to a friend, I was not the only one who felt that way.  Also, the show ran close to two hours without an intermission.  Never a good idea.  If a show goes over ninety minutes, there should be an intermission, period.  The ending was very odd and I felt as if it could have ended after the big surprise (you will have to see it to know what I mean) instead of a few minutes later.

The cast was comprised of seven people and everyone gave solid performances.  The story line was very interesting, I just couldn’t get over the fact that I was hearing so much unnecessary foul language in a theater that just so happens to be a church.  Unbelievable!

BIKE AMERICA closes on October 20th.  For more information take a look at the Ma-Yi Theatre Company:

Ranking: That Is The Question


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One Response to Bike America by the Ma-Yi Theatre Company

  1. Dear TPC –

    Now you may not know this, but I do use me some f bombs every once in awhile. But I must admit that it’s always to make a point. Like, ‘where the F are my glasses”, “What the f was you thinking” and “I’m so f’ing tired”. You know, the REAL important things. You just don’t want to f’ing over use the f word now do ya?

    Two hours without an intermission (read pp break) is a no no with Charles In Charge.

    My vote:

    NOT TO BE – Now that is the question

    Charles In Charge

    PS: These trick math questions to post be a real pain in the f’ing ars TPC. Makes me feel real f’ing stupid when I gets ’em wrong.

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