Bikeman, a 9/11 play

BIKEMAN, a 9/11 play, is a 50 minute piece recounting a journalists experience of the horrific day.  Tom, an award-winning writer and producer for The CBS Evening News was at home when the first plane crashed that fateful morning.  He immediately jumped on his bike and headed toward the towers.  The play gives audience members an inside look into his view of 9/11.


bikeman0016More than anything, the show was poetic.  It seemed better suited for a one man play rather than a five person one.  If Robert Cuccioli who played Tom had stood on stage with a single light and read the account, a standing ovation would have ensued.  Instead, by adding other characters and looming set pieces backed up with projections, it made the piece feel clunky.  It took us away from the main story and was a distracting.


If you are going to have a play called BIKEMAN and the lead character only walks the bike around the stage, in other words, never rides it, that is an issue.  This piece left me feeling confused.  I’m unsure as to why Tom’s story was chosen to be focused on.  If you ask anyone where they were on 9/11 they can recall details.  Every story is important.  However, the way the play was portrayed seemed ill fitting.


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Rating: Not To Be

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