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“Or” a conjunction word used to connect phrases and represent alternatives. Example: male or female, pale or dark, plump or thin. This show titled “Or”, now playing at the Park Square Theatre brushes on topics that lie between the either, or. The setting in London in the late 1660’s. Three actors play seven characters. Aphra Behn is a spy and poet turned playwright. She has a lover, the King, Charles II. She also falls in love with an actress, Nell Gwynne and her ex-double agent lover, William Scot, pops up as well. As you can imagine the show takes on themes of free love, sex, chaos and confusion. There seems to be no moral compass just a life of happiness in whatever seems “right” to them in the moment.

Due to the English dialect, facial expressions and hand gestures were welcomed to depict what was happening. Not that it is hard to hear but much is taking place at a rapid pace. The costumes and hair were elaborate and lovely. Aphra wrote with a feather pen and ink which I enjoyed, sticking true to the time period. The three actors: Emily Gunyou Halaas, Matt Guidry and Mo Perry played their parts well. They had good chemistry together which is a must do to the fact that they all fell in love with each other.

The show is a one act play that runs under two hours. Although it is not a musical, you will notice instrumental versions of a few Beatles songs played during scene changes. “Or” is playing now through March 17th at Park Square Theatre. For more details visit their website: http://www.parksquaretheatre.org/www/index.php

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  1. Another great review Bartley. You are making a name for yourself in the Twin Cities theater community by writing about ALL of the Twin Cities theater community… The young, the up and coming, the ones that are here and the ones that have been there. You are inspiring people and that’s needed in our community.

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