Falmouth reading

Rocco Natale has written a two-person, new American play, called FALMOUTH.  It tells the story of two brothers, Doug and Malky, who return to their childhood home on Cape Cod to bury the ashes of their uncle.  Dark secrets, deep hurt and haunting memories collide in this 75-minute piece.

Claybourne Elder who played Malky has impeccable timing and sincere acting abilities.  Although the show was a stage reading, he was practically off-book.  He acted out his part and gave the audience a clear look into his world.  Sean Hudock played Doug, the more intense brother, who liked structure and was on the straight and narrow path.  Sean is a fantastic actor, however, I would have liked to relate or feel more for his character.  Claybourne’s part was more bubbly, off the wall and gripping.  We felt for him.  Sean’s needed more depth to give the audience something to latch on to and care about.

The writing by Rocco was very well done and with some slight changes I truly believe this show could be given life on a stage for a full production.  For more information on this show contact: wildrootcompany@gmail.com

Rating: To Be

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