Four ways on how “The Glass Menagerie” got it right

The “Glass Menagerie” has recently opened on Broadway and what a sight to see!  Here are four ways on how they got it right:

The script: Tennessee Williams is known for many outstanding plays, “The Glass Menagerie” being one of them.  The memory play told by Tom, gives us a look into the life he lived with his overbearing mother, Amanda and his crippled sister, Laura.  Although the show is somber, it was delightful.  Many laughs were had by the audience and yet at times, the tension in the air could be cut with a knife.

Casting: Cherry Jones was a sight to see.  Her strong performance as the mother, Amanda, was entrancing and truly, Tony nominee worthy.  She was intense, yet loved her kids even though at times it came off harsh.  Zachary Quinto who played Tom, did a nice job as the narrator.  His gestures which paralleled his lines were a great hit with the audience.  Celia Keenan-Bolger who played Laura perfected her limp and did a good job of being the shy, sister.  When she snuck in and out of the couch (you will have to see it to believe it) everyone was in awe.  The Gentleman Caller, played by Brian J. Smith, was a nice addition to the second act and left a lasting impression.

Set and costumes: Everyone dreams of a whimsical set and to be swooped off into a story when they go see a show.  Your imagination should be running free and you forget the cares of the world for a few hours.  Both the set and costumes for this show were designed by Bob Crowley.  From the first row mezzanine seat I was in, I was able to see the actors reflections off the water at the edge of the stage.  It was truly fascinating.  The wood floors of the home with period piece furniture were perfect and the stairway leading to heaven was magical.  As far as the costumes go, they were spot on.  Lovely dresses for the women and iron pressed pant suits and coats for the men.  All the clothes were very detail oriented.

Scene transitions: Music dictated changes in the scenes and every piece was beautiful.  One moment that deserves particular recognition was when Laura and Amanda were setting the table for dinner.  Their movement to the music and flow on the stage were beautiful.  It was truly an art filled piece.

This is a show you do not want to miss.  For more information check out:

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  1. I don’t want to read this review till I actually see the show…that way i can compare our thoughts without being biased. BUT I am looking forward to seeing this show

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