House of Dance

Four dancers practice in a small town tap studio for an upcoming competition in HOUSE OF DANCE.  This eclectic show takes place at the Abrons Art Center in a studio space.  Rightfully so, since it is in the true setting of a workspace.  Wood floors, a ballet barre, mirrors and a piano fill the small room.

House of dance

Dance teacher, Martle, played by Jim Fletcher is a bit oafish but in the teddy bear sense.  Hi student Lee, played by Jess Barbagallo is quirky and charming.  The true star of the show is Paul Pontrelli who is a fountain of flowing talent.  He is a jack of all trades ranging from playing the piano, singing, tap dancing and has mastered facial expressions and gestures to accompany his lines.  He does not draw away too much attention, however, there is an extra spark in his performance that shined.

The show was strange and somewhat bizarre at times but it was interesting and out of the box.  Something fresh and new and for that, I applaud it.  When Lee sang “Come to my Window” in front of a mirror, karaoke style, while the other three actors fought over a pillow in slow motion, it made me smile because it was strange but funny.

Many times the show reminded me of “Napoleon Dynamite” and other indie type stories.  Although the show has closed, you can learn more here:

Rating: That Is The Question

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