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As an avid theater goer I found it odd that I had never seen “Triple Espresso”.  My parents saw it in San Diego years ago and I have heard great things about the show.  “Triple Espresso” is a vaudeville style comedy which opened in the Twin Cities in 1996.  Since it’s opening it has played in theaters not only in the USA but abroad.  The show has three performers who participate in skits of dancing, singing, joking, hand puppets.  When I found out it was coming to Minneapolis at the Music Box Theatre I had to see it.

Instead of my usual format I have decided to break up the blog into categories to better describe my experience.  Since this is not a typical musical theater or straight play, I believe it serves its purpose better this way.  Hopefully you enjoy it as well!

Connection: The hardest part of portraying a character is getting the audience to connect with you.  In “Triple Espresso” there are three characters: Hugh Butternut, Bobby Bean, and Buzz Maxwell.  Hugh is the fun loving guy.  He is the epitome of a performer and easy to get along with.  Bobby is goofy.  His role reminded me of Ryan Stiles from “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”.  Buzz is not much of a talker.  He is stubborn and grumpy.  In order for the audience to like the characters all had to make choices to allow people to sympathize with them.  Each of the three men did a great job with that.

Audience Participation: This is something I absolutely love, in the proper context.  “Triple Espresso” is a wonderful audience participation show.  The actors allowed us into their world for a few hours which was great.  We were able to sing, laugh, be part of tricks, give suggestions, and so forth.

Details: If you don’t think details matter, they do.  One of my favorite things is seeing the little things in shows.  There were times when Bobby was doing something funny that I would glance over at Hugh and he was rolling his eyes or making a quirky facial expression.  Small detail but a make or break.  The point is, he was always in character.

Beyond the triple threat: For those of you who are not musical lovers like myself, a triple threat is someone who can act, sing, and dance.  The three actors in this show were in a category of their own.  Not only did they do these things they also were comedians, magicians, and puppeteers.  Needless to say, it made for a great experience.

“Triple Espresso” is a terrific treat for all audiences and is a family friendly show.  The show has many fun parts to it but instead of explaining all the details I suggest you attend between now and January 6th.  For more details contact the theater:


Box Office: 612-874-1100Groups: 612-874-9000

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