Marie Antoinette at Soho Rep

When I was in high school, my family traveled to Versailles and stayed at the Trianon Palace.  It is an absolutely gorgeous place.  From the windows in our room we could see sheep grazing in the pasture and when we went outside we rented bikes and toured around the country side.  I’ve been back a few times since then and every time I am impressed with the fairytale community.  It always amazed me that a King would build a palace for his Queen so luscious and beautiful.  MARIE ANTOINETTE, now playing at the Soho Rep,  tells the story of the young Queen’s journey from peak (her royal palace), to valley (imprisonment) and finally, death.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 11.57.24 AMAfter I got over the fact that Marie Antoinette played by Marin Ireland was going to be portrayed as a valley girl and the stereotypical dumb blonde, I was able to ease into liking her.  The first twenty minutes or so I wanted to pull my hair out because that is not the way I would imagine her to be at all but the audience seemed to love her and she hit the mark for what the character in this show called for.  Louis played by Steven Rattazzi was an indecisive, stuttering, little man who reminded me of Smee from “Hook”.  Although I can only imagine how difficult he would be to deal with, he was my favorite of the actors.

The costumes were well crafted by Anka Lupes and the wig’s designed by Amanda Miller were perfect for the time period.  Marie wore a red dress that was tight on top and puffed out with tulle below.  The other women of the court had extravagant dresses as well.  The men mostly wore suits and looked sharp.

All in all the show was done well.  However, I had a hard time caring about what was going on.  There were times where I was confused why we were meeting a talking sheep, where Louis had gone, who this maybe lover of Marie’s was and so forth.  The show was interesting but didn’t leave a lasting impression for me.  For more information check out the Soho Rep website:

Rating: That Is The Question

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