Party In The Rec Room

Bryant Lake Bowl is an Uptown staple.  It boasts a great place for people to mingle while eating, drinking beer, knocking down bowling pins, and even has a small theater tucked away in the back.  Friday night was my first encounter with the theater.  When I walked in I couldn’t help but think how quaint it was.  The stage was small and so was the space.  There were tables in front and seats in back that were more typical theater style seats.

Many times I go see musicals or straight plays but I am in the process of expanding my horizons.  Friday night was just that, a new taste of theater.  The genre, improv.  The premise, a comedy bash with characters created on the spot.  The actor, Lorna Landvik.

The show started off with 80’s music, Lorna Landvik walking in with a black afro wig and mixing margaritas in a blender on stage.  The crowd loved it.  They were clapping, cheering, interacting, and wanting some drinks.   Audience participation was key to the show and they did a great job of doing just that.

The layout was simple and easy to catch on to.  Lorna wore all black and would ask the audience for things to help her create characters.  For example: a movie you want to see (the hobbit) an emotion that starts with an “m” (mad) and a profession (janitor).  She would then go backstage and grab a wig and come back fully embodying that character.  From what I had read about the show, Lorna does all of her characters on the spot except the last role, the hillbilly which happened to be my favorite.

Lorna is a true storyteller.  When I have seen other improv shows such as Comedy Sportz they are fairly quick.  Each scene gets a short amount of time and they move on to the next topic fast.  Some of her acts went on for a long time but that was because she was creating a story.  Although people laughed it seemed to be more about telling a tale about her made up people.  Its no wonder that Lorna is a writer as well.

The audience on Friday night was primarily over forty.  They enjoyed Lorna’s humor and laughed a lot.  This may be due in part to her best selling books.  After the show I did some research and found that she has many local fans.  The show is an hour and a half and is playing from now until the 26th on Friday and Saturday nights.  For more information take a look at the Bryant Lake Bowl website:

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