Philip Goes Forth at the Mint Theater

Philip Goes Forth” is somewhat of a prodigal son story.  Philip leaves the familiarity of a business career at home in hopes of becoming a writer in New York City.  The problem is; is this an act of defiance toward his father or does he truly have the ability and passion to take on this new venture?  The intimate Mint Theater, is the perfect venue for the show.  With seven rows of seats, everyone is close to the action.

The play consists of three acts.  Act one is the developmental stage which takes place in Philip’s aunt’s house.  The entire room is white with crown molding, a fireplace, couch, chairs, tables and is clean cut as well as visually beautiful.  Act two and three take place in an apartment in New York City.  When the curtain opened for the second act the entire audience applauded and rightfully so.  The set was transformed into a magnificent turquoise wonderland.  The walls were filled with bookshelves and pictures galore.  The area rugs were layered on top of each other and little extra set pieces were carefully thought out such as lamps, curtains, etc.  Steven C. Kemp, the set designer did a tremendous job and should receive an award for this show.

Although the stage was small, the cast was somewhat large for the space.  There were four standouts but all ten actors did a wonderful job.  Philip played by Bernardo Cubria possessed great levels in his delivery of lines.  His smirk was charming too.  Mrs. Oliver played by Carole Healey was a joy to watch.  You couldn’t help but smile when she graced the stage.  Mr. Shronk played by Teddy Bergman was hilarious.  A bit nerdy but very passionate and a good actor.  Finally, Miss Krail played by Rachel Moulton was the sweet, giggly poet who was a delight to see meander around the stage.

This show is top notch.  I’d recommend it to anyone and I’m a tough sell.  For more information check out the Mint Theater’s website:

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