Play/Date at Penny Farthing

PLAY/DATE was a young adult mixer in the quaint lower level of the restaurant/bar, Penny Farthing.  There were twelve vignettes written by twelve playwrights, which were then split into four “courses”.  There were three stations where you could watch the shows but you had to choose which to see.  In other words, you could attend multiple times and see different plays.  Each show had to do with dating and expanded over a wide gamete.

Of the one’s I saw, my favorite was BREAK UP DATE by Jamie Roach.  Laura Delhauer played the girlfriend and Trent Fucci, the boyfriend.  Laura played a hippie girl who attempted to suppress her anger before blowing her lid and causing a scene.  You know the writing is clever when the male role says things and the ladies in the audience gasp/shriek/chatter out of hatred for the stupid things he is saying to his girlfriend as if it is all real.  Although written to be somewhat insensitive at times, Trent displayed a charming air to him that reminded me of John Krasinski, who makes many a women swoon (myself included).

The concept of PLAY/DATE was very clever.  Allowing people to move around, drink and mingle kept the night fun and lively.  Although I wasn’t a fan of all of the pieces I saw, it was apparent others were enjoying themselves at different stations.  The laughter and applause was at times distracting since there were many people in a confined space but no bother because people were having a good time.

Although the show has closed, it is worthwhile to scan the website to see what the different playwrights and actors are up to next.


*** For all of you “He’s Just Not That Into You” lovers, my final play selection of the night was MOTHERS MILK by Joe Salvatore.  One of the lines was “her knees buckled” which my mind rushed directly to the final scene of the movie.  You better believe I could hardly wait to get home and put this on repeat:  Sigh.


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One Response to Play/Date at Penny Farthing

  1. Dear PBC –

    With all them courses, one needs to be careful or this plethora of art could cause some overweight issues. That’s the skinny on that take.

    You swoon over John (Effing) Krasinski. That’s like saying Charles swoons over Barbara Streisand. Don’t get me wrong, she’s got talent, but she ain’t got Halle Berry TALENT… If you know what I mean. See Monsters Ball to understand what I be talkin; about. Mhmmmm. I can tell you that Charles’ knees would buckle if Halle walked into the room.

    Charles In Charge today AND every day

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